The Road To Self-Improvement: A Collection of Essays

Per Dev

I gathered in this part of my website the essays I have written about personal growth and development.  I want to share the lessons and insights I learned from motivational speakers whose books (and videos on YouTube) have given me the blueprint on how best I could restructure my way of thinking so I could make better decisions in the different areas of my life.

I have been experiencing amazing changes in my life that I started regretting why didn’t I  dig into these personal development stuffs when I was younger. I have heard a lot about “positive thinking” and related  ideas before but I did not pay attention. But as the saying goes, “better late than never.”

I came to realize that “positive thinking” is but the first step in a person’s journey to a better self and a better life. It’s not the be-all-end-all of personal growth and development. But it all begins in setting a positive mindset. Positive actions should follow. People are in a better position to succeed when  they break free from limiting beliefs and debilitating attitudes.

My goal in writing these essays and have them put together in this corner of my website is to help promote awareness on personal growth and development. I am not (yet) an expert in this field. I just want to share the little things I have learned so far and to say that I am so happy with the results I am getting.


Defining Happiness

Do NOT Expect

On Positive Thinking

On Self-Doubt

Enlightened Perspective

On Personal Accountability

Beyond Positive Thinking

Cultivating a Positive Mindset

Dissecting Positive Thinking

On Success

The Blame List

Where Has Positive Thinking Brought Me?

Our Fate And Destiny

On Self-Improvement



Teacher-Writer-Lifelong Learner I have three passions - teaching, writing, and learning. I am a Filipino currently residing and teaching in South Korea. I blog and vlog the things I write. I have two websites and two YouTube channels where I publish my works in my areas of interest. I also use Wattpad and Pinterest to publish my creative works. I am into research as well. Some of my articles were presented at conferences and published in indexed-journals. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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  1. Great job. I’ll definitely check those essays out.
    I have been into personal development for 5 years now and it has proved to be a total game changer.

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    • Yeah, it’s a game changer. As I mentioned in one of my essays related to this topic – there’s a gap between what the schools teach and the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that a person need to learn and develop. It’s our moral obligation to fill-in that gap. That we do through personal growth and development.

      I started with “positive thinking” stuffs before 2010 when I saw that documentary “The Secret” which I bought thinking that it’s a movie. I didn’t take it seriously until I started working here in South Korea in 2013. With some problems I needed to deal with at that time, I thought of alternatives ways to deal with them. That was when I considered some of the things I learned from that documentary. Then I decided to look for some videos on YouTube of the personalities I saw in that documentary. During my free time (and I have lots of it here in South Korea) I would watch those videos and I got to be introduced to other motivational speakers aside from those that I saw in that documentary. Then I also bought and read the books they wrote. Later on I found out that “positive thinking” is but the tip of the iceberg we call “personal growth and development.” It’s but a springboard to overall “self-improvement.”

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      • School and universities are about IQ. Personal development is about EQ.
        Most people who have high IQ and are highly educated lack communication skills, have plenty of addictions, their relationships suck and so on.
        Personal development, not just the Tony Robbins’ stuff but I mean advanced self actualization can definitely take one’s life to incredible heights


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