What’s In a Name?

latest picMy name usually elicits giggles and buzz
Oftentimes it would educe questions and laughs
In MASSULINE ANTONIO – What’s the big fuzz?
None! But please read properly is all that I ask

Into four syllables, my name  be divided
Have it this way… MAS-SU-LI-NE, plese be guided
MASSU  in MASSULINE be carefully read
Following the pronunciation key at the end… (mäsū)

And the LI  be not  read as li  as in Bruce’s Lee
But as   in lie, as inventing a story
The NE , make it unique and a little naughty
Just follow  the sound of ni  in the word bikini

With different nicknames I was identified
From my initials, some have called me MAD
From Antonio, with TONY, I was also tagged
Believe me, even with MASSU, I was dubbed

Sir Mad,  Dr. Ligaya, at work my epithets
Oh my, with too many nicknames, I got perplexed
When still a child  my playmates  had me labelled
They would call me DADDU, and I’l be angered

In a previous  workplace in my country
People said they find my name a little  funny
Because it’s tiring to call  my name in entirety
DR. JOYDR. JOY is how they called me

But of all those monickers I got called with
There’s only one I would consider so sweet
I would feel so delighted whenever I hear it
That is CHING, music to my ears indeed

“Nom de plume” I also used in writing
When my identity as writer I am keeping
The  Fabulist” when anthropomorphizing
Animals for human follies I am attacking

I parodied Quijano De Manila of Nick Joaquin
Quinano De Ilocandia as alias I am using
But in most instances the one I would be choosing
It’s HARDPEN – the best of all my pseudonyms

  1. Why is it HardPen?. Sir?. I ma just curious.

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  2. quality and inspiring blog you here sir. I think we share some sentiments when people pronounce our names. Until now I have to see a fellow kababayan that could pronounce my first name well at first shot. Marks (marx) even my teachers before are having a hard time.

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