Dramatic Monologue (Declamation)

declamationI enjoy writing declamation pieces. I consider it like writing a short story and a play at the same time. Of course a play is also a story in itself. I  just said it that way because whenever I write a dramatic monologue I basically follow the structure of the short story but I think of the theater whenever I am in the process of creating the dialogue.  

Put together in this part of my website are some of the declamation pieces I have written. Most of these were used by students and friends in the schools (where I worked) as their contest pieces in campus and inter-school competitions. Some were also used by the Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA), an organization of private schools in Bulacan (Philippines), for their declamation contests.


  1.  The Eulogy
  2.  The Runner-up
  3.  The Substitute Teacher
  4.  The Taxi Driver
  5.  Should This Be The Way?
  6.  Unsullied
  7.  What Grandma Taught


  1. Okaylang naman ako…noong March pa ako dito…5 hours ang byahe mula dito papuntang Seoul


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