22219189_10155712072089844_849752136_oI want to share my personal experiences here in South Korea. That, basically, is what I intend to do in this section of my website. I will use it as well as a venue to comment on issues related to  this country. I wondered for so long what name  should I assign for this section. Initially I thought of “Kimchi Chronicles”  but I found out that existing is a TV show about Korean dishes with that title. So, I couldn’t use that anymore. Then finally I decided to settle with “My Korean Stuffs.”

This section is subdivided into four parts.

Korean Adventures

Korean Dishes/Foods I Tried

Kuwentong Kimchi

Gastronomic Chronicles

The articles I posted in the sections Korean Adventures, Korean Dishes I Tried, and Kimchied are all written in English. Kwentong Kimchi are narratives of my Korean adventures  that are written in Filipino.

The sections “Korean Dishes/Foods I Tried” and  “Gastronomic Chronicles” are related – they both contain articles that chronicles my gastronomic journey here in South Korea.

Someday, I hope to write a book about my Korean experiences and the things I have written in my essays here will grace the pages of that book.

My Korean adventure is an on-going journey and quite honestly I don’t like it to end yet… or to end at all. This country has become my second home. I love it here. I have a thousand more reasons to like this country that to not like it.

There are really lots of reasons why I fell in love with this country. You can decipher those reasons in the essays I posted (and will be posting) in this section.

Indeed, Korea is “the land of the morning calm.”  She tamed me. She has calmed my spirit.


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