Colors of My World – 2

c4Paddled out
of the sea of YELLOW and WHITE…

Jumped into the SILVERY sand
of the shore with all my might…

Sickening waves of BLACK and BLUE
are nowhere in sight…

Temporarily shying away
from dizzying sleepless nights…

Then what time is it?
Time for other COLORS to predominate…

Time to keep the RED stick
Time to rest the GRAY matter
Time to push
the pause button of the weary cerebral vortex

Time to invade the reel world
through the SILVER screen

Time to connect
the BLACK box  to the boobtube (no flat screen yet!)

Time to retreat to my hideaway…
then feast on the BLUE sky…the GREEN fields…

Time to enter the Garden of Eden…
then caress the WHITE silky cotton…
kiss the PINK roses…
and bite the RED apple!!!


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