Still Nostalgic…

Hardpen, 01-30-10


Another poem from you friend,
when my FB account I opened.
The joy it brought… so hard to measure,
rest assured… it will be forever treasured!

Somehow it surprised me!
Yours is a retentive memory.
Your recollection of the past,
so vivid, so vast.

But surprised I should not be,
for it is known to everybody,
that between your ears is seated,
a mind wonderfully created.

You made me so nostalgic!
You made me crave to go home!
For decades I have not seen,
the place where I was born.

Sooner or later I’ll be making,
some sort of a homecoming.
But joy won’t be complete,
if you my friend, there, I won’t meet.

For I wish we could climb back,
to the haven of bats!
For I wish we could row together,
and let our boat plow Cagayan river!

But I truly hope,
that you are still up to the task,
of rowing boats
and scaling heights!
(Are you? Hehe)

I really couldn’t wait,
till yours and my hands shake,
and together we drink,
yours… WINE, mine… MILK.

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