Ppyeo Haejjangguk

뼈해장국  – Ppyeo Haejangguk

This is actually my favorite meat dish here.

Of all the meat dishes I tried here in South Korea, ppyeo haejangguk is my favorite.  The price ranges from 5,000 KRW to 7,000 KRW. Others would simply call it haejangguk, which means, according to existing literature, hang-over soup. It doesn’t mean though that I eat it often because of hangover.  I just love the taste and the spiciness of this meat dish.

I’m more used to calling it ppyeo haejangguk for that’s how it’s written in the menus of restaurant where I ate them. One thing that I have noticed is that it is somewhat similar to gamjatang minus the potatoes. Both are spicy but when you order you can request that it be made less spicy or not spicy at all. I was told that there is a variety of haejangguk where instead of pork spine it’s ox-bone that is used.

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