Chapter 5



The ram could not help but feel elated with what seemed to be miracles taking place in that forest. He noticed the many changes in the way the hippopotamus and the monkey treated his fellow animals. The two seemed to be “eating humble pies” so to speak.

The ram could vividly remember when he was called by the monkey for a conversation. That was the first time the two animals had a chat. The ram even whispered a prayer before he entered the monkey’s den. “The hippopotamus asked me to talk to you about certain things you and the other animals need,” that was the monkey breaking the ice. “I just want you to know that I am doing everything possible to find those things you need no matter how difficult,” continued the monkey.

The ram was dumbfounded. He could not see the monkey as described by the other animals who had bad encounters with him. It seemed that the monkey evolved overnight, not physically but emotionally – soft spoken, so accommodating and so amiable.

“I guess I was just a little misunderstood by the other animals when I first came into this forest,” explained the monkey. “It was some kind of me entering a new realm of animals with a culture different from where I came. But you can rest assured that I meant no harm against anyone.”

“I guess my dear monkey, you also need to understand the kind of culture we have in this forest. I am confident we can co-exist amicably if we learn to understand one another avoiding doing things and saying words that may hurt others.” That was the ram. The two ended their chat pleasantly.

The ram just found himself heading towards the chamber of reflection. He knelt, closed his eyes, prayed and thanked the Almighty One for the miracles happening in that forest. The sheep ended his prayer with the following “Almighty One, I am praying that these changes are not just flashes in the pan.” “Never doubt, just pray hard.” That was a voice coming from nowhere. The ram immediately opened his eyes to see who said those. To his amazement, he was no longer in the chamber of reflection but in front of a grassland near a stream. He just looked up and muttered, “Thank you oh Almighty One for everything.”


Chapter 6 – The Monkey As Scapegoat

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