Find Me This Country


Where people are not on a killing spree
Where no violence could erupt,
Bomb explode
Or a four-wheeled might just run amok.

Where nobody thirsts for a mayhem
And for no reason but insanity
Spray bullets on anybody.

Where there are no drug addicts
No extremists,
Who, when under the influence of drugs
Or their beliefs,
Rape, steal,
and have the innocent maimed… killed.

Where the military, police and the leaders
Are not the devil’s apprentices,
Whose power they use
To abuse and oppress!

Is there any country
Where people embrace diversity,
Where no people claim racial superiority,
Where no people wear masks?
No hypocrisy.
Where there’s no poverty?
No war.
No calamity.

One whose inhabitants
Could rest assured,
And say
We’re safe and secured.

Is there any country
Where we could go
When that dreaded mushroom grow?

Where in the world is that country?
Tell me where.
Take me there.

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