poetry_in_crisis-1Very often that I write poems in English. Thus, I have but a few works in verses, just simple ones. The rhymed and metered path I tread just once in a while. Not that the path I dread but its grounds are so sacred that sometimes it’s so difficult to transcend. It would take a lot of effort. The grounds that the likes of Sappho, Ovid, Frost and Sharkespeare paved are so hallowed that you could enter only when escorted by the poetic muses. And rarely do the muses visit.

Most of the poems I have written are in free verse, only a few follows a rhyme pattern. I have grouped the said poems into two categories namely HEARTBEATS and RANDOM THOUGHTS. I also have a collection of  QUATRAINS.

In HEARTBEATS are my poems about love and and in RANDOM THOUGHTS are those about any topic or issue not related to love. The quatrains I wrote discuss a variety of things, of course love is also included. Some of my “four liners” are expressions of my opinion regarding social issues and some are simply unsolicited advice.


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