순댓국 – Sundaeguk (Blood Sausage Soup)

The main ingredient of this Korean dish is called sundae (blood sausage although a bowl of sundaeguk would also include pieces of fatty pork belly, liver, lungs, bits of cartilage and gopchang (small intestine). The sundae is traditionally made of cow or pig’s intestine stuffed with different ingredients – seonji  (blood), minced mean, rice and vegetables but most of the sundae offered in restaurants today are stuffed with dangmyeon (glass noodles).

This Korean dish reminds me  of two Filipino meat dishes namely serkele (beef blood stew) and dinuguan (pork blood stew). I am not very sure of the English translations. The difference is that while in Sundaeguk the blood is mixed with other ingredients in the sausage, in the aforementioned Fillipino dishes, the blood is directly mixed with the soup when cooked.

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