peanutI have been asked several times why do I write. Here is my response.

I write in both English and Filipino. I have in this website short stories, essays and poems (mostly free verse) in both languages. The ones written in English are the ones I have in this section. In my essays, I discuss diverse topics and I had them classified under the following categories: About the Philippines, Education, Literature, Language and Movies, and Changing Perspectives. This section also includes declamation and oratorical pieces  which I wrote for my students joining speech contests in the schools where I worked in the past. There were times that some people would contact me to ask that I write for them declamation and oratorical pieces. I also decided to include a section for my most important research works some of which were published in international journals and presented in international conferences. You can also find under this part a collection of my anthropomorphised  blogs which I put together as The Jungle Stories. 

I also write commentaries on socio-political issues in my country (Philippines) and sports articles.

My website is really a “mixed bag.” What usually happens is that after a class or a conversation with a colleague, an idea develops and inspire me to write and as to whether it’s a poem… a story… an essay I would write depends on the idea that develops.

My works are but simple ones. I am trying very hard until now to improve my craft so I can produce better ones. From time to time that I revisit the articles here for revision and editing and surprisingly that I would find something to revise or edit.

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