New Site Title and Updates


The name of my website, as of September 3, 2018, remains the same – it’s still Harpen’s Portfolio.


Sometime in March (2018), I decided to change (again) the site title (or name of my website). What used to be “Hardpen’s Mixed Bag” is now “Hardpen’s Portfolio.” I hope that this name is for keeps.

I heeded my friends’ suggestion that “portfolio” is more appropriate for my website than any of the previous ones (Harpen’s Journal, Hardpen’s Log, Hardpren’s Hub, and Hardpen’s Mixed Bag.)

My website (as of September  03, 2018), already had 27,779 viewers from different countries, most of them coming from the Philippines, United States and South Korea. My most viewed/read articles (with the corresponding number of views) are the following:

  1. The Confessions Wives (Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real): A Review  –  4,723
  2. Dramatic Monologue (Declamation)                                              –     907
  3. The Substitute Teacher                                                                      –    859
  4. Measuring School Effectiveness                                                      –    622
  5. The Taxi Driver                                                                                   –    497

My Home page/Archives also had  5,377 views.

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