Bulgogi Baekban

불고기백반 – Bulgogi Baekban

Whenever I present videos of the dishes/foods I have been enjoying here in South Korea, I would always try to find the best possible translation of the Korean dish/food to English. For 불고기백반 (Bulgogi Baekban), I couldn’t find one. What I did then was to look for the separate English translations of the two words.

 The literal  meaning of  백반 (Baekban) is  “many side dishes” and   불고기 (Bulgogi) is “roasted meat.”  The references I read explain that 백반 (Baekban) is a table of foods with a bowl of rice, soup and plenty of side dishes.

That’s it. Bulgogi baekban is a dish of meat served with a lot of side dishes. The restaurant where I usualy order this dish, as shown in the video, is so generous that they serve it with another delicious Korean dish –  된장찌개 (Doenjang-jjigae).

Bulgogi is made of sweet marinated slices of meat – beef or pork. It could either be stir-fried or grilled.


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