Interlaced Idioms



# 1

Always keep
An ace up your sleeve
It’s handy
When down are the chips

# 2

Be not drowned
With the tempest in a teapot
It’s a ball and chain
The bane of one’s life

# 3

Wave high your freak flag
Be not a copycat
Commit no plunder
Steal not other’s thunder

# 4

Go boil the ocean
If you need to
Go find the hen’s teeth
If you wish to

# 5

Bite not the bullet
The lead’s toxic
Hold tight your horse
Don’t fall off it

# 6

Those trying to wear
Fur coat but no knickers
Are putting wool
Over the eyes of others

# 7

Keep the cat in the bag
Be quiet as a mouse
Just  keep things under wraps
Or be left in the lurch

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