Chapter 14



As to why the hippopotamus kept quiet for quite sometime was finally understood by the ram when surprisingly a member of the council of elderly animals – the witty goose – came to that forest. The hornets have been whispering to some animals, the ram included, that the sad plight of the animals in that forest was already known to the council of elderly animals.

The hippopotamus was quiet for a long time and ceased from exhibiting her usual bulldozing ways because she too was aware that the council of elderly animals was already aware of what’s going on  in that forest. The ram thought that indeed the Almighty One works in mysterious ways and the arrival of the witty goose is an indication that the prayers of the affected animals did not fall into deaf ears.

What the witty goose did was talk individually to the animals who had issues against the hippopotamus. She painstakingly listened to the emotional outpourings made by the animals concerned. The ram took the opportunity to divulge everything that he should, he did not mince words when he narrated his experiences and those of the other animals in the hands of hippopotamus. At times the sheep was apologetic for the witty goose is a very respected member of the council of elderly animals, but he said he needed to say what he must. The hippopotamus, not expecting that the witty goose would also talk to the ram, tried to make the ram notice that he was just around the corner during his talk with the said respected member of the council of elderly animals. But instead of succumbing to the indirect pressure obviously being exerted by the hippopotamus, the ram all the more made his voice louder wanting the hippopotamus to really hear what he was telling the witty goose.

The witty goose asked the ram, what would he like to happen to the hippopotamus. The latter responded by saying that the council of elderly animals knows better than him. In ending the ram said that whatever consequences his acts in the past and his revelations at that time may bring upon him he would be brave enough to accept. What is important the ram said that the council of elderly animals had shown that they cared about the animals in that forest by sending her – the witty goose – to listen to what the animals in that forest needed to say. That act from the council of elderly animals was enough to buoy up the sagging morale of the animals of the forest.

After the talk with the witty goose, the ram went to the chamber of reflection. He contemplated about his future in that forest. After all those struggles with the hippopotamus, the ram knew that it was time for him to start anew. After all that have been said and done, the ram felt that things will not be okay between him and the hippopotamus.

Then the ram recalled the times when that forest was ruled by the benevolent tigress. For him, those were the best years he spent in the forest.

The ram realized that the hippopotamus succeeded in one thing… get the worst out of him. He lost the joy of living he once had.

When the ram went out of the chamber of reflection, he already made up his mind to move on and search for another forest… find the happiness he lost.


Chapter 15 – Reunion in the Grassland

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