Rotten Suffrage

During elections atmosphere’s frenzied
Schedule of politicians pretty hectic
In buying votes, they were frenetic
To win they apply the dirtiest of tactics

Though I won’t hastily generalize
That all politicians are bad and
I simply wish to give the voters advise
The vote-buyers they should not patronize

Apart from the traditional vote buying
Desperate politicians commit mud-slinging
And worst some would resort to killing
They would befriend the devil just to win

But after elections I usually despair
Curse profusely in utter dismay
For the debauched always find a way
So in the seat of power they stay

Our electorate is drowned in stupidity
Fooled by scheming politicos perpetually
Blinded by a small amount of money
They vend their votes, vend their dignity

To your sanity my countrymen return
This simple logic I know you understand
That only when the right leaders are chosen
That from the grave this nation shall rise again


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