If love… then what?

(A Movie Review)

Just recently I watched the movie “The Professor and the Madman.”  The said biographical drama drew my interest because of this line in an advertisement – “It’s [produced]  to teach you an important lesson in the history of the English language.” That tickler ignited the student (and the teacher) of history and language in me.

What made me more interested to watch the movie is it having  Mel Gibson and Sean Penn leading the cast. I have watched many of the movies of the said actors and I was curious how the two would fare in this one.

 Before watching the movie, I tried to read on the Internet some more information about it. I chanced upon an article summarizing what the critics said about the biopic. I don’t usually read reviews before watching a particular movie but because this is not a new one, it was actually released in 2019, I decided to read the article and two more after it. Majority of the reviews thumbed down the movie. The comments I read were bad. Of those comments, none could be worse than this – “It is the latest fiasco in bad movie history.” The critics were also not so kind with what they said about the performance of the lead actors.




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