If I get to choose among literary forms which ones are my strongest suits, I would say they are “essay in English” and “poetry in Filipino.”


Literature, language, education, educational management, personal growth and development, current issues, movies, and sports are my main areas of interests. It is in the said areas where I get topics from for the essays that I write. I also write commentaries on issues in society and in the workplace.  For sports and commentaries though, I have separate sections in this website.

Some of the essays I have written were published in publications and journals of the schools where I worked in the past and there are some that I have posted on my Facebook account. I put them all together here.  

The following are the subdivisions of this section.

  1. About the Philippines
  2. The Road To Self Improverment (Essays on Personal Growth and Development)
  3. Literature, Language and Movies
  4. Personal Essays
  5. On COVID-19

Research articles, dissertations, and theses  are technically essays too.  I have research articles presented in international conferences and published in indexed-journals. I have also written  essays on education and my experiences as a teachers. Click this link if you want to check them.  


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