Chapter 9


battle wonOne day in the forest, herd by herd that some animals were called by the monkey in his den. It came as a surprise to the animals much as they knew what the hippopotamus, with the assistance of the cow, did to the goat. They called the events in the previous days as “the hippopotamus strikes back.” Among themselves they thought that could it be that time –  “revenge of the monkey?”

What happened was contrary to what they were expecting. They were surprised to encounter an apologetic monkey. The animals thought that it was not an animal they were talking too but an angel that fell down from heaven. “My dear animals, whatever transpired between us in the past weeks, for whatever hurts I may have brought upon you, please accept these bananas symbolic of my apologies and offers of reconciliation.” That was the monkey with some tears streamrolling on his cheeks.


The animals hesitatingly accepted the bananas, ate them and one by one embraced the monkey. The animals then left the monkey’s den with the sweet smiles. It was a wonderful day in that forest, something that have not been seen there since the arrival of the hippopotamus.

The ram learned about that surprising twist of event. He too was extremely happy for that was the only thing that the animals were asking – for those sent there by the council of elderly animals to lead in that forest to realize that things can be done and words can be sad in such a way that is not injurious and painful to the feelings of the animals in that forest.

The animals have certainly scored a victory.

The ram then went into his usual contemplative mood and asked himself some questions – “Will the hippopotamus do the same to the animals he offended? Will he be willing to eat humble pie the way the monkey did?

But the animals won just a single battle. The war still raged on.


Chapter 10 – Transmogrifications in the Forest


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