Korea: Personal Experiences & Commentaries

namiThis is where I share my personal experiences  here in South Korea and my commentaries on different issues here.

Most of the essays in this section are basically the English translations of the stuffs (in Filipino) I have written and posted in the section Kwentong Kimchi. I didn’t do the translation word by word though. I took the main idea of each of the paragraphs I have written in my mother tongue then  thought in English as I wrote the versions in English.

It is my dream that one day I could write a Korean version of these essays so I could share with my Korean friends how much I have been enjoying my life and career in this lovely country. It is my fervent prayer that may war never destroy what the South Koreans have tried so hard to accomplish. May this country be peaceful and be more progressive. May the young people here be able to appreciate (and continue) the good deeds and hard work that their parents and grandparents did in order to bring prosperity and honor to this country.

Why Am I Here In South Korea?

On Teaching English in South Korea

Examining South Korea’s Rise to Global Prominence: The Role of Collectivism and Nationalism

On To My Seventh Year In South Korea

The Work Attitude of (Some) Expat Teachers Here In South Korea

Where Is It Safe?

The Covid-19 Scare

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