Essays on Education and the Workplace

educationIn this section are the essays I wrote on education and the workplace in general.

These essays are based mainly on my experiences as a teacher. Some of my essays also were reactions to the things I observed and ideas I formed while working in colleges and universities where I worked both in the Philippines and South Korea.

Valuing Grades

If You Know it, You Can Teach It

Measuring School Effectiveness

On Graduating From Top Universities and the Principle of “Fair Judging”

On Philosophy and Teachers

Professionalism Among Teachers

Real Teachers and Pretenders

The Extra Mile Teachers Walk

What Makes a Great Teacher

Remembering My Teachers

Technology and 21st Century Teacher

Realities in the Workplace

To Pass, Or Not To Pass

Anthropomorphizing the Workplace

What Teachers and Students Expect From One Another

Teachers, Leadership Styles and McGregor’s Theories X and Y Assumptions

On Education and What People Achieve and Become

How Different Are Teachers From One Another

On The First Day of Class


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