Haemul Kalguksu

해물 칼국수 – Haemul Kalguksu

Whenever I crave for a bowl of noodle soup, my first choice would always be 칼국수 (Kalguksu) – “knife-cut noodle soup.” This is available anytime of the year but it’s really nice to have it during rainy days and winter.

The word 해물 (Haemul)  in English is “seafood.”  The restaurant where I usually order this serves it with mussels and clams. According to some of my friends, there are restaurants that also add squid and octopus.

This is not spicy. People  who want their seafood noodle soups spicy may have 짬뽕 (jjamppong)  – “spicy seafood noodle soup.”

There are other varieties of Kalguksu, namely,  닭 칼국수 – dak kalguksu (chicken) and gogi kakguksu  (beef).

The vegetables added to this Korean noodle dish include zucchini, scallions and potatoes.



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