볶음밥 – Bokkeumbap (Fried  Rice)

볶음  (bokkeum) –  stir-fry             밥  (bap) –  rice

Bokkeumbap is a Korean-style fried rice which diners usually order in addition to a main dish. The frying pan/skillet used for the main dish is where the fried rice would be cooked usually with seaweed flakes and sesame oil. What we had as main dish (in the video) when we requested for bokkeumpbap was dakgalbi.

This Korean dish is simply called bokkeumbap when there are no other ingredients added. If kimchi, for example, is added then it becomes kimchi bokkeumbap. I have already tried jajjang bokkeumbap (black beans) and saeu bokkeumpbap (shrimps). The name of the main ingredient mixed would be added to bokkeumbap.

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