The Taxi Driver



(Note: This declamation piece was used by the Bulacan Private School Association (BULPRISA) for its 2014 declamation contest – High School division.)

This can’t be happening. I prepared so hard for the final exams but I don’t have yet the permit. In 20 minutes I have to be in the classroom. What do I do now? I have to call him…Can not be reached…you must be kidding…Oh my…I must call mom…Hello…hello mom…it’s me Trishia…TRIIISHIAAA…Ahh…no mom… I’m not shouting, I am not angry…mom…sorry…It’s just that I’m too worried now…dad is not here yet and the exam is about to begin…I tried calling him but his phone is apparently off…what do I do now?…Okay…Yeah…Okay…I love you too mom!

Mom told me to wait…But for how long…She told me to relax…But how can I in this situation…She reminded me to always trust my dad…Ahh…My mom’s dad’s number 1 fan. Understandably so! For her my dad is…my dad is…my dad is here finally…DAD I’M HERE…DAD…HERE…

“Oh…sorry Trish…I needed to drop by the police station because…” I immediately grabbed the money from my dad’s hand and did not listen anymore to his explanation. “Bye dad, thanks. See you later. Sorry, I have to go.”

I got my permit and reached the classroom just in the nick of time for the exams. I prepared hard for this. I need to get a high GWA so I would qualify for the scholarship a university is offering. My dad is just a taxi driver, not capable of sending me to a good university.

I admit. I envy the kind of life my rich classmates live. How I wish I could trade places with Janine, the daughter of a car dealer. She enjoys all the luxuries of life. Her jewelry and gadgets are awesome. Me, the only gadget I have is this ageing Nokia Asha 311.

I love my dad but how I wished he was not just a taxi driver.

I went home after that eventful day. I stayed in my room to prepare for more exams scheduled for the next day. My dad came and brought cookies and a glass of milk. “Can we talk?” He asked. “Dad I’m sorry, I’m busy.” He bussed me on the forehead then went out.

While having dinner, we heard knocks. My mom got up and opened the door. I was surprised to see two police officers, a well-dressed man, and if I am not mistaken, a journalist. I looked at my dad who was a bit surprised too, “Dad, what did you do? Why are they here?” My dad just smiled at me then joined the visitors in the sala.

Then I was surprised when the journalist got up and approached me in the dining table and said, “May I shake the hand of the daughter of a man whose integrity is beyond reproach. May I take a picture?” I nodded quite hesitatingly. I was dumbfounded, I just learned that the well-dressed man owns the bag containing money and jewelry amounting to almost 5 million pesos that my father turned over to the police that morning. That’s the reason why he came late.

Shame on me. SHAME ON ME! I was so blind not to see the goodness in my father. A few minutes later my dad approached me and whispered, “They’re offering me a big amount of money as reward for what I did. Shall I accept Trish?”

I don’t know why but I told my father, “No dad, please don’t.” And he didn’t!

The following day, it was lunchtime in school. I was sipping coffee at the cafeteria while watching TV. Then came a newsbreak. I can’t believe it, I saw my picture on TV, then that of my mom and then…oh my dad… they featured what my father did on TV. The news also cited that the owner of the money and jewelry my father returned promised to provide for me an educational trust fund.

The next segment was a sad news. I saw police officers arresting Janine’s father. He’s accused of being a drug dealer using their car business as a cover. I felt bad for Janine.


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