Short Stories

storiesThere are but a few short stories in English that I have written. Lately, I have been focusing more on writing essays in English and poems in Filipino.

When writing  dramatic monologues (declamation), I usually use story lines that results in making them resemble a very short story.

The following are some of the short stories I have written so far.

1. “Adorer’s Blogs”

2. “Father, Mother and Son…For Seven Days”

3. “Gertrude”

“Father, Mother and Son…For Seven Days” is actually a  true story of a childless couple who tried to adopt a baby. The said story is a seven-part blog which I decided to pass on as a short story. “Getrude” was a short  story  in English that I have written more than twenty years ago. There were other short stories I wrote when I took Creative Writing course for my Master’s in English which I have yet to publish here.

I have my short stories, novelettes, and novella in Filipino in the following links:


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