your revelation, my RESPONSE and VISION

Tibong Cagayano, 02-02-10


How naughty of you to reveal that secret!
If you did not squeal, nobody knows i’m the culprit.
The smell of that fart made everyone nearly vomit,
that was the reason why I chose to hide it!

When our elementary ‘mates open their FB page,
then read your poem and devour its message,
for sure, all of them will scribble their statements,
OMG!!! my FB wall will be flooded with comments.

I asked my wife to peruse your response.
When she read that part, she held onto my pants.
She was frightened, I might accidentally release a “bomb”,
that will spoil her appetite when she eats her roast lamb.

You proposed a reunion… so unique in location.
In the middle of Cagayan river, we’ll enjoy the occasion.
I’m just wondering if you thought about Father Dom Resurreccion,
he might not want to officiate there, a mass celebration.

Whether we like it or not, we are now adults.
Full of experience… license to to do this or that!
Gone are the days, we were young and innocent.
Those were the times, we can say, we were not saints.

We have sailed a great distance to reach as far as 42,
possibly… we’re only 2 years old if it is true,
that life really commence or begins at 40,
the time we start to enjoy life, as it should be!

So, before we reach our twilight years,
we must endeavour to shift to higher gears,
to make that journey fast and quick,
and reach each other’s arm and offer a firm grip!

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