pic6Welcome to my website.

Thanks a lot for dropping by!

This is where I put together the poems, essays, stories, and research works that I have written through the years.

I came out with the idea of creating this website just for fun. It’s a “hit-and-miss” endeavor for I am not a techie and I did not take any course in “webpage development.” I am 1,633 miles away from home working as teacher here in South Korea and if I would allow my mind to be idle it would become somebody else’s workshop. Teaching and this website keep me sane and make my plate full. Thus, boredom and idleness could not find a slot in my daily schedule.

Since I started to take this website more seriously, I could no longer find time to be bored and be idle.

It’s also a personal challenge. I am trying to see if I could still learn something new. It’s a struggle, for I have no background in IT. But I am learning, slowly but surely.

This website is a work in progress. There are lots of improvement that could still  be made. I love doing things my way, thus, painstakingly that I built this website on a “miss and hit” basis. Moving forward, as I get used to the nuances of web designing, I will try to improve this.

It took me more than three years to come out with this website. I started doing it in 2014 and it was only in 2017 that I decided to buy the domain ( and have my website introduced officially.

Aside from wanting to have fun and be productive, I put up this site for my other passion – WRITING. TEACHING is the other one. And why do I write? I explained the reasons here.

Yes, writing is one of my two passions,  and I want to have a repository for my works. And there’s no better place to serve as a depot for them but on-line. But please pardon my shortcomings in the technical aspects of web design for I am a non-IT person.

My writings are simple ones and I am sure most of you (I presume) can produce works better than the ones I have here. The design of this website, given my limited coding skills,  is amateurish. 

I don’t know if my works have literary and academic value. But for me they are valuable, my personal treasure and I intend to have them preserved. At the same time I also wish to share them to those who may find them interesting. No hurt feelings if the readers may consider them otherwise. 

I find immense joy and self-satisfaction while writing these works. Greater those feelings become when I read them, no matter how simple they may be. The sense of accomplishment finishing and reading them brings is just so wonderful.

Please feel free to comment on anything you read here. Criticism is a catalyst for improvement. Thus, I need them and I value them.

This site and its contents are works in progress. Whenever I see errors, I make sure to make the corrections. I am sure there are lots of things to correct, perhaps you can help me find them as well.

I have been writing and blogging for a long time and I wish to continue. My blogs here are commentaries on my areas of interests namely literature, literary criticism, language, education, educational management, sports and movies. There are instances when I  may feel obliged to write socio-political commentaries. I also uploaded here some blogs and articles I have written in other websites.

I write in two (2) languages… English and Filipino. And this site, as previously mentioned, is also a depository for my works in both language. I have to admit that I also dream of writing stories, essays, and poems in Korean. I don’t know how long before that becomes a reality. Learning Korean is a mighty struggle for me but I know someday I will be able to write poems and stories in the said language.

I prepared a guide for the visitors of my website. Please click on the link below.

Guide To My Website



  1. Aubrey Bermudez

    I’m becoming even more inpired to continue writing as I read you works Sir. ☺


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