“Father, Mother & Son…just for seven days” (A True Story)

silver-pendant-modern-family_pl-ch0123Life is an emotional rollercoaster mounted on a switchback stuffed with twizzles and twines.

The past days, a person could be beaming with so much happiness laughing so contagiously and shaking hands or exchanging high fives with just about anyone. Today, that person maybe crying a river in a desolate room smarting from the pains inflicted by something or someone. Tomorrow, what will it be? Nobody knows! It is either that that person would have licked his emotional wounds and will emerge from that desolate room, learn to smile again and gradually laugh his way out of whatever bad experiences he suffered from or that person may continuously plummet in the unfathomable depths of sadness.

Perhaps everything may depend on whatever twists and turns that may have been laid down by the GRAND DESIGNER of the switchback where our personal roller coasters run. We may desire all that we want to alter the course of our roller coaster and wriggle out of the undesirable whirl in the switchback. But that’s impossible. Life is said to be spontaneous. It takes its natural course. Like the water upstream, it will flow unstoppably to its tributaries until it reaches the wide open sea.

Generally, the switchback designed for my roller coaster have both enthralled and frightened me. There were times I thought I would not be able to wiggle out of the depths of despair and sadness but my FAITH in God and my instincts of a survivor kept me afloat. One of my most difficult journeys in the switchback happened a few years back. Those days in my life were both exciting and frightening. Perhaps that episode of my emotional rollercoaster ride could have been the most emotionally draining and exhilaratingly suspenseful.

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Father, Mother & Son… for just seven days


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