RESPONSE TO BANJUN’S VISION (plus a revelation… hehehe)

Hardpen, 02-01-10


It seemed that from Mt. Olympus,
Zeus finally sent your poetic muse
whose inspiration you could not refuse
write and write you shall be pushed!

Elated was I once we get reconnected,
and through poems we fondly recollected,
the adventurous past that together we spent
when we were both young and innocent.

I remember one time in our school’s shop,
you were seated one o’clock to my right,
I saw how gingerly you lifted your butt,
then naughtily let go of a silent but deadly fart!

Before the smell beyond description filled the air,
you covered your nose and said in despair,
“Somebody farted and whoever he is,
should be traced and accordingly punished!”

I kept quiet, shrug my shoulders, and just smiled,
naughtiness you committed I decided to hide,
for I have always been your willing accomplice,
in countless misadventures and innocent misdeeds.

But before my 13th birthday was celebrated,
my family left Cagayan, in Batangas we stayed,
since then for years and years I have always craved,
to breath the air, and walk the land, of my birthplace.

Thus, let’s pray that may your noble and grand vision be,
sooner or later become a wonderful reality,
and I am proposing a REUNION unlike any other,
let’s have it at the middle of Cagayan river!

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