Gertrude was the executive secretary in our office. She had looks 
and smarts that could have made her win in prestigious beauty contests 
had she tried joining.
     She was already there before the company hired me as IT personnel. 
We talked with each other very often for even if it was not included in 
my job description I would encode all letters and other documents for 
our boss. It was supposed to be Gertrude’s job but she would come to my 
cubicle to ask for assistance. With her charm and sweetness it was so 
difficult to say no.
     I could not forget the first time she asked me a favor. I was 
working on my desk doing some paperwork when she came to ask if I could 
encode the report that our boss asked her to finish. While we were 
talking she stooped so close to me that her breast was pressed against 
my left shoulder. I could smell her scent. I saw how her lips moved.  
When I said I would do it, to my surprise, she bussed her lips against 
my cheek. She smiled at me before leaving.
     Since then she became a regular visitor in my cubicle we talked 
often and admittedly I wanted to see her all the time. I noticed though 
that while I craved for her presence, the other gentlemen in the office 
seemed to be ignoring her. Some were even obviously avoiding her.
     Questions propped out in my mind. Was Gertrude a thorn in their 
flesh? That could be unlikely. Gertrude’s seemingly sweet and friendly. 
Could it be that they consider her too dominating to handle? Or they 
were spurned suitors of Gertrude? Her relationship with the women in 
the office was just normal except for some who were obviously envious 
lady officemates who grudgingly could not accept being second fiddle 
to Gertrude’s wit and beauty.
     The very nature of our jobs drew Gertrude and I closer together, 
it practically made us inseparable. After barely a week together, I 
realized that I like Gertrude. Admittedly, I have fallen to her charms.  
It was not an ordinary admiration I had for her, it was love.

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