Chapter 12



The past days have been so emotionally draining for the ram. That afternoon, he walked aimlessly into the forest figuring out what was going on among the animals there. The mad dog was just too happy to see the animals quarreling among themselves for he pretty knows the adage “united the animals stand, divided they fall.” And that was what the mad dog really intend to happen, that the animals in that forest would hate one another and so he can easily carry out his fiendish schemes.

Walk and walk the ram did until he reached the famous grassland of reconciliation. He started munching some grass when from out of nowhere the cow appeared, “Hey ram long time no see! How are you?” The ram was perhaps too preoccupied with his thoughts that he did not notice the approaching cow, but the ram was glad to see his friend cow. “Happy to see you cow, but sad about the things I have been seeing currently in the forest and the things that the other animals were saying about you.” “Is that so? Ram you know me, did you believe what they said?” “I just listened to them, but I have given you the benefit of the doubt. You know that I have never passed judgment on anyone unless I hear their side.” The sheep retorted.

“Perhaps our fellow animals are questioning my having to talk to the mad dog once in while. I have nothing to explain to anyone. I am answerable only to the Almighty One. How can I do anything that will ruin this forest that I have also worked so hard to improve? How can I do anything that will hurt the animals here that I love so much? I can not abandon the animals I have been living with in this forest just to gain the favor of that hippopotamus or mad dog, or whatever you may want to call him. There were instances in the past that I could not avoid dealing with the mad dog in the pursuance of my tasks here in the forest. I see nothing wrong with that.”

The ram looked straight into the eyes of the cow. He could feel the honesty and sincerity of the latter’s pronouncements. Perhaps because the other animals were so disgusted with the mad dog that whoever would be connected to him would be suspect for collusion with whatever he is doing. Then the sheep said, “I believe you cow. That’s all that I need to hear from you. I guess what the animals in this forest need is TRUST! We need to trust one another. What the mad dog is trying to do is to make us doubt one another so that he can easily execute whatever he is planning.”

A few moments later, the horse arrived followed by the rabbit. The ram spoke in behalf of the cow. The horse and the rabbit explained their sides as well and apologized if in one way or the other, they hurt or doubted the cow. The cow also said sorry for whatever wrongs he may have committed in the process. “We have to be together all the time, the least that we need at this point is be divided.” That was the horse. “It’s time to move on, let the mad dog do what he wants and we’ll just work and live life here in the forest in the best manner that we could do. Remember, the council of elderly animals may later decide to move the mad dog out of this forest when it is time. But we will stay here. We stay, but the mad dog would go away later.”

The ram was so relieved to see his fellow animals settling whatever differences they may have had. Whatever doubts were cast on the cow in the past were forgotten. If he was really doing something wrong, then as he said, he is answerable to the Almighty One.

Indeed, that place is a grassland of reconciliation. If only the mad dog was watching at that time, he could be one very unhappy canine.


Chapter 13 – The Latest In The Forest

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