Sports Blogs

sports1Compiled in this section are the articles and sports blogs I have written. A couple of these articles were published in sports web sites where I submitted them.

My favorite sports are basketball and boxing. The sports articles I have written are in the said sports and about basketball players and boxers.


Warriors VS Cavs: Take 3
Golden State Warriors Up 2-0
Warriors-Cavs: It’s 3-1…Again
On Kobe’s Comeback and the Lakers
Triumph in Defeat: Defeat in Triumph
The Lassiter Trade
A Championship Too Hard To Forget


Finding Boxing’s GOAT
Pacquiao-Marquez 3: Should Pacquiao Agree?
Mayweather-Pacquiao: Waiting for Godot?
Manny Pacquiao: Should New PBA Role Concern PacMan’s Fans?
Manny-Floyd: Who’s Greater
How Must a Boxer Fight? A la Rios or A la Donaire




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