갈비탕 – Galbitang (Beef short ribs soup)

Galbitang is one of my two most favorite Korean meat dishes. The other one is ppyeo haaejjangguk.

Kalbi, in English, is short ribs. When Filipinos cook beef stew, it’s also the ribs of the cow they choose. Galbitang is somewhat similar to the Filipino beef dish called nilagang baka. But while in the Philippines we add Chinese chard, potato, cabbage and saba (a banana variety used primarily for cooking), with kalbitang, mixed are radish, dangmyeon (starch noodles) and onions.

In a restaurant at Gyeongju-si, I was once served kalbitang with egg.

I was also told that it can also be cooked with kimchi. That I have not tried yet.

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