My Website – “Hardpen’s Portfolio”

Allow me to guide you through the highways and byways of this site.

The following are the main sections which are accessible by clicking on them directly or  you may go to the home page and click on them in the navigation menu and tabs.


About the Philippines
My Korean Stuffs
My Works in English
My Works In Filipino

If you click on the section Home from here, you will be brought to the homepage of this website.

If you click directly on the other main sections (after Home) from this page you will be directed to an article introducing the section at the bottom of which are links to the subsections (or articles) beneath them.


On the left is the homepage of the website. The article that appears when you open  it and the other two you’ll find should you scroll down are the latest of my blog posts.

If items are posted in the HOME section they are classified by WordPress as “blog posts.” All other items in the other sections (and the sections themselves) are called “pages.” That, I suppose, is only for the purpose of proper placement because technically all the “posts” can be transformed to  “pages” if desired so. The first item in the NAVIGATION MENU, as you can see, is HOME. That is where all “blog posts” are displayed. All tabs north of HOME is where all “pages” are placed.

After posting a blog, I automatically create its “page version” and place  it in a category where it belongs in the other sections.

Let me help you if you wish to explore the entirety of this website. The following are the links you can click from here. You can also access all of my works using the navigation bar.

I also provided an introductory page in each section and subsection. The introductory  page  for each section provides links to the subsections. There are also links to specific works provided in the introductory pages for the subsections.

I included the section About The Philippines for the essays I wrote (and will be writing) and other stuffs about my country – the Philippines. My intention for this is to make people from different parts of the world know more about us Filipinos and our country.

In the section My Korean Stuffs is where I share my experiences as a Filipino expat and as a teacher here in South Korea. The four subsections are Korean Adventures (essays/commentaries written in English), Kuwentong Kimchi (essays written in Filipino), “Kimchied” (articles chronicling my gastronomic journey here in South Korea), and Korean Dishes/Foods I Tried (videos and essays about the Korean dishes I have been eating here in this country).

The section My Works in Filipino  contains the one-act plays, short stories, essays and poems (all in Filipino) which I have written through the years, mostly from 2013  onwards. The following are the sub sections: Dulang May Isang Yugto, Maikling NobelaMaikling Kwento, Sanaysay and Tula. Clicking on these links brings you to the pages where you can see also links for the specific individual works.

Below you’ll see how a section is subdivided into subsections, and subsections into more subdivisions until the titles of specific works could be seen.


I have written a lot of poems in Filipino. Thus, you see here that Tula also has its own sub sections, namely, Apatang Taludtod, Bayan Muna, Heto Na Ang Jeep, Kwentulaan, Pagninilay, Pakwelang Taludturan, Sa Piling Ng Mga Hayop, Samu’t-sari, Tibok, Tinulang Jokes and Tinula Kong Kanta.

There are also several sub-sections for the section My Works in English . These are Commentaries, Dramatic Monologue (Declamation), Essays, My Research WorksOratorical Pieces, Poems, Short Stories,  and The Jungle Story – a collection of the anthropomorphized blogs I wrote (in another blogsite) when I got so frustrated with the leadership style of the school administrator where I used to work in the Philippines.

I love the sports  of basketball and boxing. I included in the section My Works in English the subsection Sport Blog where I put together the articles I wrote about the said sports, including those that were published in a couple of sports websites.

Topics I discussed in my essays vary. So I also subdivided the section Essays into several subsections namely Changing Perspectives, Literature, Language and Movies, and Personal Essays. I also wrote essays on education and my experience as a teacher but I kept them in the section My Academic Essays  beneath the section My Research Works.

Just like my poems in Filipino, the few poems I have written in English are also subdivided with the following assigned labels: Heartbeats, Quatrains,  Random Thoughts,  and Frames and Verses.

My website also features some of the studies I have completed including those that were presented in international conferences and published in international journals. You can find them in the subsection My Research Works under My Works in English. The said subsection  is further subdivided into the following: As Main Author, As Corresponding Author, My Academic EssaysMy Master’s Thesis, and My PhD Dissertation.

The items I have in the section Welcome, aside from this guide to my website, include my curriculum vitae and an answer to the question “Why do I write?”. There you can find also the poem I wrote about my names and pseudonyms.




Teacher-Writer-Lifelong Learner I have three passions - teaching, writing, and learning. I am a Filipino currently residing and teaching in South Korea. I blog and vlog the things I write. I have two websites and two YouTube channels where I publish my works in my areas of interest. I also use Wattpad and Pinterest to publish my creative works. I am into research as well. Some of my articles were presented at conferences and published in indexed-journals. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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