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Felt it was.
Thought it was.
But…it wasn’t 

I saw you…
I felt your lips
kissing mine.
But when the amber’s gone
you vanished.
In thin air
you disappeared. 

The cinder is our only chance
but it has now turned to ashes.
The wind has blown away
the faintest flicker of hope
that there’s a “you and me.”

It can’t be… shouldn’t be.
The “you and me”
is nothing
but a “could have been.”

You were there
or so I thought.
But you were never.
Or shall I say…
you should have not been there.

Everything was indeed perfect.
Or so I thought.
But everything is nothing
… but a mirage.

But I could still
hold you
kiss you…
that’s when you visit me
in my dreams.
Only in my dreams.
For the “we”
is but a dream.
And you
…. just a mirage.

Like A Roller Coaster

Love’s indeed a roller coaster
Treacherous switchback it bestrides
It would throw you up and under
Scary! But stay… enjoy the ride

Be not afraid when love rolls down
Expect to be  twisted and turned
Buckle up in delight be drowned
Before downwards the ride returns

Expect the twizzles and the twines
Hold tight… sit tight… embrace the flow
When spun and twirled never whine
Buckle up don’t ever let go

Love couldn’t be any wilder
Than a ride on a roller coaster
Buckle up if you want to try
Be ready to laugh… and to cry

The Sounds of the Trail

As the trail steepens
the breeze whistles,
the branches creak…
then the leaves rustle.

Suddenly the birds sing
I even heard crickets chirping
I think from behind the bushes
I heard a hissing.

I could really hear
my heart pounding…
my joints cracking…
my muscles popping…

So I decided to rest
then the huffs
the puffs…

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