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stolen kissA stolen kiss
Landed on a cheek
Cheek so soft
So pinkish.

That stolen kiss…
Triggered an avalanche
The snow slid
Buried the thief.
So deep
So sweet

Stolen kiss…
Crawled to the lips
Down the loops and the twists
Till the thief touched the edges of the cliff.
Plunge did the thief
Down into the abyss
Trench so deep,
Then peaked at the bottom of the pit!

Freedom to Verse


I am free,
My verse is free!
I verse –

I versify –
my joys,
and my angst.
I versify my dreams.
I versify my soul.

I turn to verse when,
and if I want.
And I verse away from meter…
away from rhyme.
For to verse is a freedom!
It can neither be chained…
nor boxed.
It can’t be buried in the grave of standards.


Forty-four Shades of Red

header_bg(Lest we forget!)

Grey has fifty,
Red has forty-four.

It’s neither black nor white,
But not grey also.
The choice’s not clear –
Good or evil?

It’s neither black nor white –
Not grey.
It’s red,
It’s blood!
The choice is clear,
Heed the marching orders!
No shades of grey,
It’s red.
Forty-four shades of death.

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