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Ako’y Hinog Na


Ika’y nagbantay,
Matyagang naghintay.

Sa wakas, ako’y nahinog.
Hinog na hinog!
Pagmasdan mong mabuti ang aking alindog.
Hayaan mo munang mata mo’y mabusog.

Ika’y lumapit.
Di ba’t ako’y walang kasing-kinis?
Batid mo nang ako’y ubod tamis.
Batid mo ring ako’y makatas…
na ako’y walang kasing-sarap.

Lapit pa.
Hawakan mo ako.
Hinay-hinay lang.

Ako’y hinog na.
Hinog na hinog.
Ako’y haplusin,
Dahan-dahang pitasin.
Gutom mo’y iyo nang pawiin.

When Our Color Turns Gray

mixedWe were born white 
or black
or yellow
or brown
or red.

Different skin
Different hair
Different height
Different sizes
…but the same species –

We all shall live.
… to grow
… to dream
… to triumph
… to fail
… to laugh
… to cry
… to love

But we all shall die…

The amount of melanin
That creates the illusion
Of whiteness, blackness, yellowness, brownness, or redness
Will not prevent us from dying.

We all shall die!
From ashes we came
to ashes we return.
And ashes are neither red
… nor brown
… nor yellow
… nor black.
Definitely, it’s not white.
It’s gray.

Oh C.M.

love-of-coffee1You’re strong,
but sweet.
Very sweet!
You lift me up.
You make my heart beat fast…
You gave me sleepless nights.

They say you’re no good for me.
Thus I tried hard to avoid you,
against my will.

I succeeded!!!

But just briefly,
Because one day… that familiar scent,
Shattered the promise I made,
To never fall again under your addicting spell.

So down I went to the coffee shop,
Where I first met you.
I was excited oh C.M.,
To have my soul,
Enslaved again by your fullness…
Twisted by your sweetness.

There in the coffeehouse
I told the server
“C.M. please!”
“And what’s that sir?” She asked.
“Caramel Macchiato!!!” I replied.

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