Changing Perspectives

Some people would say that “life sucks.” Does it? Life is what we make it. It is one’s way of thinking that would make life suck.  It is the negative attitude towards life that makes a person unhappy and unsatisfied.

It is  the responsibility of  people to examine their way of thinking.   This is one that I learned so late in life. How I wish that I had a chance to have learned it when I was  younger.


It was only around 2009 that I got acquainted with the idea of positive thinking and it took 4 years before I really became very serious about it. The process was very slow and I got to observe things in my life changing for the better only in 2013…. the year when I took the philosophy more seriously.

From then on, I have been reading a lot of materials (and watched videos) about positive thinking. I don’t take everything I read and watched hook line and sinker. I analyzed them carefully and (without judging and doubting) tried to see which ones work for me and which writers and speakers make sense.

Things in my life got better particularly in the areas of relationships, health, and  finances when positive thinking succeeded in changing my perspectives about life. People wrongly think that positive thinking is just that – thinking. It only starts there – having a positive mind frame. What would make positive thinking weave its magic is the corresponding positive actions you undertake.

Positive thinking without positive action doesn’t work.

In this  section, I wish to share my experiences related to positive thinking and my thoughts about it.

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