The Articles I Wrote for “The Vincent Times”

vMy experience with a certain Codie Vince, the purported owner of  an online news organization named “The Vincent Times”  was unfortunate. Please check that story here.

But that notwithstanding, I enjoyed the experience of writing for that online news site. Any opportunity to improve on my my craft as a writer is always worth taking. The articles I wrote for them are mine and I consider them worth keeping thus I put them altogether in this part of my website.

Here are the links to the said articles.

1.   The Aftermath of the Deadly Nightclub Fire in Brazil

2.   US Navy Ship Still Stuck on Tubbataha

3.   The Philippines Stands Up To China

4.   How Must A Boxer Fight, Ala Rios or Ala Donaire?

5.   North Korea’s Nuclear Guessing Game Continues

6.   Lolong, The Monstrous Philippine Crocodile Dies

7.   North Korea Sets Off Third Nuclear Bomb

8.   Campaign Period Begins for Philippine 2013 Elections

9.   Choosing Pope Benedict’s Successor

10.  Meteoriate Struck Russia

11. Sabah Standoff Continues

12. Bloodshed in Syria Continues

13. China Accused of Cyberespionage

14. Death and Destruction Mount In Syria

15. Another Case of Gang Rape in South Africa

16.  Sulu Sultanate Army Refused to Leave Sabah

17. China’s Navy Acquired New Stealth Frigate

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