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Single Woman Alone Swinging On The BeachI love you.
I worship you.
Like a goddess.
My heart,
Your pedestal.

I care for no one but you.
I dream of a world where there’s only you and me.

And you?
I feel needed.
Not loved.
You never loved me.

You never cared…
Never dreamt about you and me.
There’s no us.
There’s  only you.
Your wants.
Your needs.
Your whims.
Your fancies.

You’re so in love.

Loved me?
You never did.
Never will.


Like A Roller Coaster

Love’s indeed a roller coaster
Treacherous switchback it bestrides
It would throw you up and under
You’d grin… cry… but enjoy the ride

Be not afraid when love rolls down
Expect to be  twisted and turned
Buckle up in delight be drowned
Before downwards the ride returns

Expect the twizzles and the twines
Hold tight… sit tight embrace the flow
When spun and twirled never whine
Buckle up don’t ever let go

Love wouldn’t be any wilder
Than a ride on a roller coaster
Buckle up if you want to try
Be ready to laugh… and to cry



stolen kissA stolen kiss
Landed on a cheek
Cheek so soft
So pinkish.

That stolen kiss…
Triggered an avalanche
The snow slid
Buried the thief.
So deep
So sweet

Stolen kiss…
Crawled to the lips
Down the loops and the twists
Till the thief touched the edges of the cliff.
Plunge did the thief
Down into the abyss
Trench so deep,
Then peaked at the bottom of the pit!

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