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Sa Pagbuhos Ng Ulan


MAD’S Workshop

MAD’s Workshop is the new name of my other YouTube channel, the same name I adopted for my Facebook page, websites, and other social media platforms I am using. A workshop is a place where artists and artisans go to either create or hone their skills. My YouTube channels and websites are my workshops.

This channel features my creative and academic works in English and Filipino. It is also one of the platforms I am using in sharing my expertise as a teacher as well as my experiences as an expat working and living in South Korea. I also post here videos of my lectures in subjects I teach and video recordings of my talks/speeches in seminars/conferences where I get invited as speaker/discussant/lecturer.

I have varied interests – language, literature, education, educational management, social sciences, research, and personal growth and development. I write stories, poems, essays, plays, academic and sports articles, movie reviews, and social commentaries. I also create videos for some of my written works in English and Filipino. They are the ones I publish on this channel. I also publish here the same videos I post on my other YouTube channel – “The Road to Self-improvement.”

Tuwing Bubuhos Ang Ulan (Audiobook)

I tried to see if I could create an audiobook. I just did. I created an audiobook out of one of my short novels written in Filipino. It’s a tragic love story. It’s not perfect but I gave it my best shot. One thing that I realized when I finished it is that I should have asked a lady friend or two to read the lines delivered by the female characters in my story. I undertook this project just to make good use of my free time here in South Korea. Doing creative work is the best way to overcome boredom.

Chapter 1 – Ang Tagpo Sa Kubo

Chapter 2 – Sa Iisang Bubong

Chapter 3 – Sa Ilalim Ng Mesa

Chapter 4 – Sa Muling Pagkikita

Chapter 5 – Siya Ba O Ako?

Chapter 6 – Ang Desisyon

Chapter 7 – Masakit Tanggapin

Chapter 8 – Trahedya

Final Chapter – Ang Kabayaran

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