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The White Lie

Believe me!
It’s true,
What they say about white.

That it stands for goodness…
It symbolizes innocence.

Believe me !
It’s true,
What somebody said, and I quote –
“White is
impartial color,
favoring no single hue and refusing to take sides.”

Don’t believe the lie
That white is a color
that could kneel on your neck
and spray your back with seven bullets.

Because white is pure… untainted.
It’s true.
Believe me!



You’re white
He’s black
She’s yellow
I’m brown

Different skin
Different hair
Different height
Different sizes
But all human

Brown, white, black, yellow
Different religions
But same GOD
…others have none

Different beliefs
But same fears
…same hurts
…same joys

White or black or yellow or brown
We all live
…we dream
…we cry
…we laugh
…we love
…we die!

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