After 365 days, my first YouTube channel – “The Road to Self-improvement” – attracted 366 subscribers only.. I would love to have more but my goal for putting up the channel is not to have as many subscribers as possible but to advance one of my advocacies – SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

My goal with this channel is to make an appeal to viewers to embrace self-improvement as a way of reaching their full potential. I do believe that people will achieve success, have good overall health, and find happiness only when they become the best version of themselves. To strive to be the best one can be is a perfect duty toward oneself, family, and country.

I strongly believe that self-improvement is a prerequisite for national development. Only when citizens succeed in their personal undertakings and professional endeavors that they can contribute to the betterment of their country. The goal in the pursuit of personal undertakings is achieving good health, success, and happiness. For professional endeavors, it is to succeed in either work or business… or both. When people achieve their goals in both their personal undertakings and professional endeavors, there is no way for a country to go but be peaceful and progressive.

Some of my videos are delivered in Filipino because I intend to reach out to more of my countrymen and help raise among them an awareness of the importance of self-improvement.



Teacher-Writer-Lifelong Learner I have three passions - teaching, writing, and learning. I am a Filipino currently residing and teaching in South Korea. I blog and vlog the things I write. I have two websites and two YouTube channels where I publish my works in my areas of interest. I also use Wattpad and Pinterest to publish my creative works. I am into research as well. Some of my articles were presented at conferences and published in indexed-journals. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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