FATHER, MOTHER & SON…for seven days (4th of 7 parts)

4th Day (Friday)
From the last hour of the previous day up to the first minutes of the following, my wife constantly bugged me about getting Marc Andrei back. She pleaded repeatedly but I did not budge. Then my rollercoaster hit another spin, the fickle-minded lady of my house asked me to accompany her in getting Marc Andrei back from Sister Babe. Then I looked at her and saw the sincerity of her intentions. I got excited at the prospect of getting my son back, I felt my emotional rollercoaster slowly climbing up. But again the switchback upon which my rollercoaster ran is so unpredictable, I may just pass by another twist then suddenly from up, I will again be plummeted down.

I wanted to make sure of how my wife was really feeling at that time… she probably was conscience-stricken… she probably was thinking about what I said that things will never be the same between us after what happened… or it could be a combination of both… whatever are her reasons, I didn’t really care. What’s important for me was an ANGEL named Marc Andrei may fly back to us.

My few minutes of contemplation resulted to a plan… I thought of testing the resolve of my wife in getting our son back. Then I told her that if she really wanted to be a MOTHER to Marc Andrei once again, she should go by herself to Sister Babe and convince her about giving us back our baby.

It was actually a tall order for her to do that… I know my lady so well, she has a lot of good qualities but she would never swallow her pride… she would never undo things she has done.

Then I tricked her when I said that before I left Sister Babe’s residence, there was a couple who came to take a look at Marc Andrei. It was a lie that I weaved to put pressure on my wife in case she was really intending to get Marc Andrei back.

She went out of our bedroom, I was not sure where she was going. I did not bother to check. I just heard the creaking sound of our door downstairs… I presumed that she either went out, cast her pride aside and proceeded to Sister Babe’s house and get Marc Andrei back… or she’s just in our terrace getting a whiff of fresh air.

I don’t know how long she was out, but I felt it was an eternity. But as always patience has its rewards… I didn’t mind waiting for so long… I didn’t mind if it was a jiffy or an eon that transpired… What’s important was the next scene that I saw in the silver screen of my life was a MOTHER tenderly caressing a BABY. My wife, her eyes like a well of tears, entered our bedroom, lovingly clutching Marc Andrei. She sat by my side, still embracing my baby, and sobbed unabashedly and said sorry, not just once, not just twice, but many times.

Another spin, another twist, my rollercoaster then climbed up reaching perhaps the pinnacle of the switchback. Never have I felt so ecstatic. But I did not let her feel it, I pretended to be indifferent. I really had my reservations, I know I have married and loved one fickle-minded soul. What I could be witnessing is just a flash in the pan. But it was not.

MOTHERHOOD became my wife in the first hours of that Friday. Marc Andrei kept crying that time, not unlike his first night with us when he would only be waking us up when hungry. My wife didn’t put down Mark Andrei on the bed, she just let him stay in her loving lap from the wee hours of that Friday morning up to time that light slowly took over from the darkness of the previous night.

My wife didn’t know that each time Marc Andrei would cry I would be jolted from sleep but pretended to be asleep, I intentionally let her do everything for Marc Andrei that night, I made her feel how difficult it is to become a MOTHER and see if the following day she would give up our son for good… keeping my fingers crossed that she would not.

Each time I would wake up during those wee hours of that Friday morning, what a sight I would behold… a mother lovingly caressing her baby. My wife didn’t know that I heard her talk to Marc Andrei… saying how sorry she was for her briefly giving him up… saying that she knew that the reason Marc Andrei was crying was because he felt unloved… saying that she had a chance to prove that she could be a good MOTHER to him.

Then again at work, that day, I resumed on bragging that I have a son… some were scratching their heads saying, “How is that? One day you have a son, the following day you lost him, then the day after you have him again.” One of them even naughtily quipped, “What about tomorrow?” That made me pause for a while.

When I went home that Friday night, there again was Marc Andrei, sleeping soundly in the divan, my wife, beaming with smile, was seated nearby. It was a scene I thought I would no longer see. I knelt and reached for Marc Andrei’s cheek and there planted a kiss. Lo and behold, his skin turned crimson again, he opened his eyes and let out a brief shriek as if acknowledging my presence. After that, he snoozed off again.

My emotional rollercoaster stayed at the pinnacle of the switchback and brought me to the depths of ecstasy. It was a wonderful night, I and my wife avoided talking about events of the previous day, we just laid out plans for Marc Andrei. Our son had a peaceful sleep waking us up only when hungry.

At one point when I prepared his milk, I looked at him and whispered to myself, “Will my son be mine for good?”

(t0 be continued…) 


Teacher-Writer Hardpen is my nom de plume. My real name is Massuline Antonio Dupaya Ligaya. Many times I was asked the question, "Why do you write?" I don't write for rewards nor adulation. When I write poems, stories or essays, seeing them completed gives me immense joy and satisfaction. The happiness and sense of fulfillment I feel when completing my works are my rewards. When I teach, I don't work but I play. The classroom is my playground, the students are my playmates, and the subject is our toy. Proud to be me! Proud to be a FILIPINO! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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