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Sa Pagbuhos Ng Ulan

Tuwing Bubuhos Ang Ulan (Audiobook)

I tried to see if I could create an audiobook. I just did. I created an audiobook out of one of my short novels written in Filipino. It’s a tragic love story. It’s not perfect but I gave it my best shot. One thing that I realized when I finished it is that I should have asked a lady friend or two to read the lines delivered by the female characters in my story. I undertook this project just to make good use of my free time here in South Korea. Doing creative work is the best way to overcome boredom.

Chapter 1 – Ang Tagpo Sa Kubo

Chapter 2 – Sa Iisang Bubong

Chapter 3 – Sa Ilalim Ng Mesa

Chapter 4 – Sa Muling Pagkikita

Chapter 5 – Siya Ba O Ako?

Chapter 6 – Ang Desisyon

Chapter 7 – Masakit Tanggapin

Chapter 8 – Trahedya

Final Chapter – Ang Kabayaran

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