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Comparing the Effects of Face-to-face and Online English Lounges on Students’ Speaking Ability and Attitude Toward Foreign Teacher


This study was conducted to determine to what extent the English Café Program affected the students’ speaking ability and their attitude toward foreign teachers as well as the significant differences in the effects between the program carried out face-to-face and online as perceived by the participants in this study. This is a descriptive comparative survey research. Frequency analysis, mean comparison analysis, t-test, and correlation analysis were performed. Mean values show that as perceived by the respondents, the program, implemented face-to-face and online, improve the students’ speaking ability and attitude towards foreign teachers to a great extent. Computations for significant difference show that there is no significant difference in the perceptions of the respondents. In the correlation analyses, in both face-to-face English Cafe and online English Café programs, students’ speaking ability came out to be significantly positively correlated to their attitude towards foreign teachers. The results also reveal that there is a significant negative correlation between students’ speaking ability and teachers’ length of service only in the face-to-face English Café program. There was no correlation between students’ speaking ability and their attitude towards foreign teachers and teachers’ educational qualifications in both face-to-face and online English Café programs.

Key words: English lounges, speaking ability, attitude towards foreign teachers, teachers’ educational qualification, teachers’ length of service

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