비빔밥 – Bibimbap (Mixed Rice)

I read literature translating bibimbap not simply as mixed rice but mixed rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetable. Let me just describe this healthy Korean dish as fried rice mixed with meat and assorted  vegetable.

I have not seen any bibimbap not served with egg cooked sunny-side up. So, I’m wondering where is the egg in all those translations. What about calling it then with a longer name – mixed rice with egg, meat and assorted vegetable.

Anyway, what’s in name? That which we call bibimbap,  by any other name would be a healthy Korea dish and would taste as delicious. (Apologies to Shakespeare.)

The vegetables commonly used when preparing bibimbap are carrots, cucumber, courgette, mushrooms, radish, spinach, soybean sprouts, tofu, and gim. Any kind of meat or seafood can be added.

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