The Adorer’s Blogs (A Short Story)


woman silhouette laptopHalfway through the 21st century and it was my grandma’s 60th birthday. My parents were making sure that it would be a very memorable celebration. The services of a caterer and an event coordinator were acquired to ensure that the nitty-gritty details of the affair would be taken care of.

Our ancestral home was bustling with so much activity. People were all over, most of them were in our sprawling front yard pitching tents, positioning tables and chairs, and decorating a makeshift stage. A few were in the lounge and in the terrace for curtains and decorations while the others are in the kitchen cooking. In the backyard was where the butchers worked on pig and cow carcasses making the place  messy and smelly. Thanks for the pig being roasted in an adjacent vacant lot. Its  delectable aroma countered  the nauseating smell of blood and uncooked meat.

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The Adorer’s Blogs


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