The Vigilante

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Would you like to know why I have this bloody knife in my hands? I just slashed the throat of a beast. Yes, a beast! No, that beast is neither   a pig nor a cow! Not even a carabao.  That beast is my neighbor – Mang Tomas. Imagine, he raped and killed his 10-year old daughter. Was he a human being? No, not  a human but a beast. So, I butchered him. And if  among you there are beasts clothed as humans, then BEWARE of me.

Do you wish  to know who I am? Listen!

My father was a communist rebel. He was brutally peppered with bullets, ironically by his own comrades, when he attempted to give up his armed struggle against the government. We were not completely orphaned though. My mother is still alive. Unfortunately, she is currently languishing in prison abroad. That is for cutting the throat of her Arab employer who tried to molest  her.

I do have an elder brother, a fugitive of the law. He is a drug pusher. That is the only job a high school drop-out like him could have. A job he was forced to embrace to  support our needs. My elder sister is a vendor. She vends her own  flesh. Yes, she is a prostitute. And our youngest brother, our five-year old angel, my only source of inspiration, is dead. He died of pneumonia and malnutrition.

Before he died, he asked me a question, a question I never thought an innocent five-year old boy would ask — “why has our family suffered so much?” I answered his query with a deafening silence. I groped for an answer to a question that I myself have asked GOD several times. He tightly held my hand before breathing his last. He looked at me intently. In his eyes was a plea for me to do something so that others my no longer suffer the tragedy of my family. He smiled at me before closing his eyes. That smile remains frozen in my memory.

That very day, I took this caliber .45 that my father gave me. By my brother’s grave I vowed: “I will cleanse society of dregs and scums…whoever pushed my father  to embrace rebellion, made my mother decide to go abroad, taught my brother to take and push drugs,   forced my sister to become a whore, and caused my brother to die a lonely and untimely death, will pay a dear price. I vowed to slaughter and deliver them all to hell.

Since undertaking this crusade, I have already killed several people,  some scumbugs are gone from the face of the earth. Killing them came surprisingly easy. They were all unsuspecting for who would thought that behind this femininity is a brutal vigilante.

My first victim was physician. Imagine how inconsiderate that greedy doctor could be. “Doctor, my brother is dying… But Doc, I don’t have money… Doc have mercy… Doc please! He refused to treat my sick brother  saying his hospital is notcharitable institution. Then came the tricycle driver, our neighbor, who helped me bring my little brother to the hospital.  “Please lend me money, they wouldn’t treat my brother without a deposit.”  “What! You would lend me money only if I would go to bed with you? He told me that my sister has repeatedly agreed to that kind of agreement each time he would lend her money. When I refused and told him that I can not even pay that ride, in anger, he jammed my breast and forcibly kissed me several times.

Where are they now? In  shallow graves! I  gave  each of them  nasty holes in their skulls.

Right now, worms are heartily feasting on their corpse.

Before I brought my brother to the hospital that day, he asked if he could eat something. I rushed to the store: “Can I have some biscuits please,  my bother is very hungry. Please… I promise to pay soon. The owner refused citing the unpaid debts we have. He even cursed me. There was a usurer in our place. From him I asked also for help. Unfortunately, he demanded for my body as collateral.

Those two were disciples of Satan. So, what I did? I brought hell right to their doorsteps. I burned their houses while they were asleep. They were roasted alive.

I also murdered a well-known politician. That  honorable gentleman who promised to build roads, bridges and school buildings. Those promises were never fulfilled.

Just a week ago I saw  him in a brand  new car parked in a dark alley, would you believe, my brother, yes my dear  drug pushing brother, handed to him several wads of money. The following day, I saw that same politician in another brand new car entering a motel. The woman with him was my sister, yes my whoring sister.

Guess what I did… just the other day, while the honorable gentleman was in his car, waiting probably for someone, I detonated the powerful bomb that  I attached to his car. His body was mutilated beyond recognition.

Tonight I will be visiting one of my  former teachers. Reserved in my gun is a bullet for Ma’am. I will ask her why she should not be held accountable for the many tragedies happening daily in our midst. I know that the physician I killed was her former student too. Even the maniacal tricycle driver, the store owner, the usurer, the politician, and even my brother and my sister, were all her students before. Did she not teach them about selfishness, greed, lust and immorality. What values she had imparted to them? Why didn’t I learn not to put justice in my hands?

Convince me with your response Ma’am, if not, may God have mercy on you soul!



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