Dramatic Monologue (Declamation)

declamationThere are declamation pieces I have written through the years most of which were used by students and friends in the schools where I worked as their contest pieces in campus and inter-school competitions. 

A number of my declamation pieces were also used by the Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA), an organization of private schools in Bulacan (Philippines), for their declamation contests.

Sometimes I would get calls or private messages in my Facebook account, usually from students, asking for permission to use my works either for a class speech project or a speech contest in their campus. Gladly that I obliged for it is an honor on my part that my works are being used for such purposes.


Here are some of the declamation pieces I have written…

  1.  The Eulogy
  2.  The Runner-up
  3.  The Substitute Teacher
  4.  The Taxi Driver
  5.  The Vigilante
  6.  Unsullied
  7.  What Grandma Taught


  1. kmusta po tito??nsa south korea k pla ngaun!!kmusta k nmn po jan..ok k lng po b jan?malapit b yan s seoul tito????


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