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The Decision


(My Journey as a Teacher – 3)



“Means must be subsidiary to ends and to our desire for dignity and value.”

                                                                                                                              ~ L. M. van der Rohe

“Why turn your back from a tenured position and a good salary?”

That was the common question my colleagues, friends, and loved ones asked me after hinting that I wanted to leave institution ran by one of the country’s largest religious congregations. My colleagues and friends didn’t seem able to tell me directly to my face that I was…

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Isang Pagninilay

Sa bundok ng Golgota’y umakyat
Pinasan ang krus hirap na hirap
Alas tres ng hapon nang maganap
Pagkakatawang taong nagwakas
Kasalanan ay koronang tinik
Sibat na tumusok sa gilid
Kay Hudas tayo ay ang naghatid
Nang sa Mesiya s’ya ay humalik
Hinayaang si Hudas magtaksil
Di ba’t kusang loob nagpakitil
Utang nati’y sa Kanya siningil
Ang utang nating mga nagtaksil
Di ba’t dugo n’ya’y ipinanlinis
Sa pagkatao nating madungis
Kusang loob buhay ibinuwis
Nang tayo’y makapiling sa langit


Love’s indeed a roller coaster,
Treacherous switchback it bestrides.
It did throw you up and under,
You grinned and cried yet loved the ride.

Just ride again when love rolls down,
Get ready for the twists and turns.
Buckle up in delight be drowned,
Before downwards the ride returns.

Hold still…roll on with the flow
Expect the twizzles and the twines.
Just sit tight don’t ever let go
Whirl with the twirls and you’ll be fine

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